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O' Canada

May 31, 2017 - June 2, 2017
The train to Montreal was nothing like the shinkansen in Japan but it was still interesting to experience. The train looked almost like a freight train. You had to really lift yourself up into the car. But taking this way of transport instead of flying allowed us to see the country a little bit more. The area between cities would be like what you expect, mostly open space and possible farm land. It was green though and parts of the trip you could even see the water. We arrived in Montreal in the late evening so it was hard to do anything the first day. Thankfully, one of Caoliang’s coworkers allowed us to stay in his place for our Montreal stay. I have been to Montreal before a couple times but not really enough to remember areas of the city or where things were exactly. But to my surprise, the area in which we stayed was pretty close to many things.
We didn’t have many plans for Montreal except seeing a few different circus shows in the evening times. But …

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